Financial District - 30 Broad

Located in the 30 Broad Street at Exchange place, Ground Floor, New York, NY 10004, our Financial District location continues SPEAR's policy of high-tech, inviting practices. Call and book your appointment at 646-790-7454.

Pelvicore Training at SPEAR Physical Therapy's Financial District Location

DESCRIPTION: Taught by Brooke David, Pelvicore training uses functional movement patterns to create maximal benefit of core strength. It also provides education about the importance of core and pelvic floor strengthening techniques.
WHO IT'S FOR: The following population typically expresses the most interest in the class. However, you do not need to be experiencing any of the below conditions to reap the benefits of Pelvicore classes! You can join if you just want to meet great people and get exercise.
  • Women post-partum looking to get back into an exercise.
  • routine.
  • Women experiencing occasional leaks or incontinence.
  • Women experiencing pelvic pain and low back pain.
  • Women looking to prevent any of the above conditions.
DATE, TIME & COST: Wednesdays from 6-7pm,
$60 per session (or $295 for a package of 5)
REGISTRATION: Call 646-790-7454 or email Brooke at