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“I should have done this years ago. I’m able to dance with my daughter again”


TJ Turgeon had arthroscopic surgery on his knee back in the 70s, and though his surgeon back then wasn’t certain he would have full recover, TJ has remained pretty active, enjoying softball, golf, gardening, and swimming. Over the years the cartilage in his knee eventually did wear away and in January 2008 he needed knee-replacement surgery.

“It’s the little things like getting out of a car…walking up the stairs… stepping off a curb. I couldn’t dance anymore... that’s the worst problem.”

TJ was recommended to SPEAR through a coworker who had the same surgery. What he liked best was the team atmosphere, the way his therapist worked with him to set and meet his goals. “Everybody is supporting you. Everybody wants to see you get better.”

After about 3 or 4 weeks, TJ was able to get up and move around without pain. He was back to dancing with his wife at weddings and doing things with his daughter. “The quality of life has just improved so much since I’ve lost the pain.”

TJ realizes that he lost years of activity and created years of inactivity and pain for himself and wishes he had done his surgery and physical therapy sooner. But he’s back now. And while he’s not running any marathons, his softball team at work is tearing up the softball league and headed for the finals.

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