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6-time US Pro Squash Champion, and happy, healthy SPEAR patient


Damien Mudge is a highly-awarded professional squash champion, and has been living in New York for the last 10 years. Originally from Australia, he started playing squash at the age of 9, started representing his state at 12, began representing Australia when he was 14, and turned pro at the age of 17.

When he came over to the United States, he began playing on the doubles tour and has been successfully doing that now for about 8 years.

As many athletes do, when Damien noticed he had a “tight left hip flexor” he decided to try to do a deep stretch with it and ended up popping his upper quad. Though it was very painful, he taped it up, pushed himself on through the pain and went on to play two tournaments.

Though he did well in the tournament, he knows he probably caused more damage to his leg. Damien continued though to play and push through the pain for 3 or 4 months, but eventual it became too much for him and he knew he had to seek help.

When Damien saw his SPEAR physical therapist, Dave, he was told that the injury was just a little bit of scar damage now. The actual muscle had already been healed. After only 2-3 sessions, Damien was out of pain and back comfortably playing squash.

Damien had heard of Dave and his physical therapy practice through other pros at the racquet club. “He knew a great deal about the human body and squash, so I thought he would be a pretty good guy to go to.”

And Damien is glad with the decision he made. “When I come to SPEARS everyone is extremely friendly… They go above and beyond and make you feel comfortable here. Very efficient… but very professional as well, but also very laid back. It’s a pretty good mix here.”

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