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“The first step is the hardest part … but the hardest part became the best part.”


Buffy Schneit has been a tennis player her whole life… #1 in singles and doubles in high school… All-Time Sports Champ in college… and now whenever she can. Until one day, just walking along the street in Manhattan, she slipped and twisted her knee.

“The ability to play tennis is very important to me. So after having an injury, it completely slowed me down… and changed my life.” She initially attempted to let Mother Nature take its course and just give it time to heal. But after being in severe pain for a couple of weeks with little improvement, she decided to look into physical therapy.

“This was my first time in physical therapy…. I had no idea what it was about… I walked in and saw a gym… I saw people in physical therapy and I kind of got excited …this is something that would definitely help my knee.” Her physical therapist explained all the details of her injury so she understood what was wrong and how the physical therapy program he created just for her would help her.

“My favorite part of physical therapy was the laser treatment and the ultrasound… I felt such a huge difference after having that applied to my knee and all the different points. Electric stimulation at the end… and the icing to bring down the swelling was… amazing.” After about 2 months of coming 2 times a week, Buffy felt comfortable enough to begin playing tennis again and was back to full activity by 3 months.

For Buffy, the most difficult part of physical therapy was coming in and getting started because she didn’t really know what to expect. “Once I was in here doing all the activities… and feeling great… a little bit more each time after I left… I realized I was healing… it was the best part of physical therapy. So the hardest part became the best part.”

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