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“When something of this nature happens to you, it’s impossible to go through the rehab process alone.”


When Tom Elliott injured his calf he had no doubts about where to go for his physical therapy. He had been to SPEAR before for his inflamed tennis elbow and was really happy with the treatment he received and his recovery then.

A passionate tennis player, Tom injured himself when he fell off a ladder doing yard work and fell into a tree. A branch went right into the back of his calf. He didn’t think it was serious but the pain continued and 3 days later he went to the doctor who told him he had a torn gastrocnemius on the lateral side.

Tom knew how much physical therapy could help and knew that it was the best way to get back to where he was before the injury. “So many of the exercises you are involved in are exercises I wouldn’t do on my own… for fear of… am I making it worse… am I making the tear bigger… am I pushing too much…” He knew that even an experienced athlete needs the help of a trained therapist.

He came back to SPEAR because of the extra effort everyone makes to make sure the experience is a positive one. From the receptionist to all the trainers, everyone was extremely polite and helpful, and really interested in his well being. Tom was glad he had SPEAR to go to because he knows that no one should have to go through rehabilitation alone.

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