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“I can honestly say I had withdrawals when I left. It’s probably one of the best environments I’ve ever experienced.”


Having been to physical therapy before and not being very happy with the experience, Raymond Matts knew this time when he needed to go he had to take the time to find the right place for him.

Following surgery for a torn rotator cuff, Ray found himself with a frozen shoulder that really impacted on his daily life and his ability to ski, play baseball, race cars, and even just playing with his two sons, who are 7 and 10.

Although his condition started out as just a minor tear, Ray didn’t go to a doctor and thought it would just fix itself through exercise. “At that point, I probably should have had physical therapy, on a program where you guys could have been guiding me, and I probably would not have needed surgery at all.” But after continuing to push himself for a year and a half, his rotator cuff had a 90% tear.

The hardest part for Ray was finding a place. Given his past experience, he was looking for a place where he would get actual attention. From the first time he walked into SPEAR he felt at home. He liked the one-on-one attention he received from therapists that actually cared. “You walked into a place of professionals that understood the body.”

Ray found that he actually looked forward to coming in every day, so much so that his wife thought he was having an affair. While that was not the case, he did make lots of good friends and was able to get back to playing baseball and doing things with his kids.

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