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“If I looked at a progression line from when I first started until today… it’s just been constant improvement.”


Though he didn’t know it, John Emmerling lived in the neighborhood, right around the corner from SPEAR Physical Therapy’s first location. So what are the odds that when he needed physical therapy, that was where his doctor would end up sending him?

“My personal physician is someone I’ve known for 30 years. I trust him implicitly. …He knows all of the best people in medicine in this city. When I asked him where to go… he said go to SPEAR. He knows SPEAR very well.”

After a fall shattered the top of his right femur, John needed emergency surgery, where they implanted a titanium pin or “nail.” His surgery however resulted in the shortening of his right leg, which limited his abilities and caused him pain in his lower back. He began physical therapy as soon as he was out of the hospital.

The physical therapist gave him a very thorough evaluation and John began a program of physical therapy to build his strength, as well as massage therapy to help the pain in his back. “That was really an outstanding experience.”

And while the process did take time, John reflects back to when he first started, when he was stiff and in pain and sees where he is now, and is excited by the constant improvement he can see and feel.

“I do know I can build my ability to walk further distance without pain by exercise and stretching and so I continue to do that.”

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