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“The physical therapy I received was the best you could get for that sort of injury.”


For Matt Agnostinelli, baseball has been his life… his whole life. He’d been playing ball since he was 5 years old and the thought of never being able to play again devastated him.

“For a pitcher, having a torn labrum is like a death sentence.” As a pitcher, you know that pitching once or twice a week can do its damage on you and you know how important resting your arm is. Matt knew he was in trouble when he was throwing one day and even after his warm-up throws he just couldn’t loosen up. “Every throw was the same pain throughout.”

His doctor recommended him to SPEAR but Matt was still nervous. With this type of injury, surgery could go one of two ways… you heal and maybe you will be as good as you were before, or you may heal and never be the same.

“I was surprised at the baseball knowledge they had.” Not only was the environment at SPEAR inviting and friendly, but the amount of knowledge that the physical therapist had about baseball and about his particular injury, helped to take away Matt’s fears. “I was pretty excited when I felt comfortable.”

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