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“Physical therapy got me back to a state where I could enjoy all the things I do in life.”


Lee Stern knows that physical therapy isn’t just about fixing something once it’s wrong, but that it can help prepare you and your body before surgery. Living in Long Island and commuting to Manhattan for work, Lee is an active person who loves to ski, scuba dive, and sail.

When she found out she needed to have knee-replacement surgery, she came to SPEAR to help her get in shape and prepare before hand so that after surgery she would be able to go back to doing all the activities she enjoys.

“I’ve never had such a thorough evaluation… they just seem to know exactly from my symptoms what testing to put me through … and to really pinpoint my problems … and then to address them in a way that was very effective …”

Lee has been to SPEAR three times, for her knees, shoulder, and neck, and what she likes best about coming here is that it’s not a big mega gym experience. From her first time coming here, she noticed how friendly everyone was. “There was this wonderful follow-up service … Where a message would be left at my home 2 days before my appointment as a reminder … which was very efficient.”

She also appreciates the personal service and respect the physical therapists have for their clients here. “The therapists stay with you … they don’t just leave you.” Lee found that in other places, therapists would be working on someone right there next to you instead of in a private room.

“You shouldn’t have to go through that pain in front of a stranger … People that come here are really spoiled. They don’t know the bad that’s out there … This by far has to be the best. It’s a breath of fresh air … it really is.”

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