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Brooke Ficara PT, DPT

Brooke earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Columbia University where she completed advanced courses in orthopedics, sports rehabilitation, performing arts and applied-Pilates rehab. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University where she studied Kinesiology and Psychology, and was a member and captain of the Penn State cheerleading team.

Brooke attributes her initial interest in physical therapy to her athletic background. Focusing primarily in artistic sports such as gymnastics, diving, and figure skating, Brooke developed an appreciation for how optimal movement can aid the human body in avoiding injury and performing at its best.


Through several orthopedic affiliations, including one working on-site with the Washington Ballet Company, Brooke has acquired a diverse set of manual therapy skills and enjoys utilizing movement analysis to comprehensively assess her patients and identify the root of their pain. Having had the opportunity to channel her athletic abilities into coaching, Brooke also places emphasis on exercise technique and patient education to ensure that each individual understands the purpose and importance of their treatment every step of the way.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Brooke has enjoyed adapting to life in the city and spends her time exploring new neighborhoods, getting inspired by local food blogs, seeking out NYC roller rinks, and planning her next travel adventure.